Where do you want to sail?
From Croatia and Greece, to the BVIs and Grenadines-- each cruise is an adventure. So where to, sailor?
The concept
Young people + freedom of sailing + international crew = amazing sailing for everyone!
Questions and answers
What about motion sickness? What if I'm new to sailing? Answers to these and more are here

Join the Crew – active sailing holidays for young people

The warming sun, clear water and a fresh breeze whirling over your head – a dreamlike outlook for absolutely unforgettable sailing holidays. Are you interested in spending the greatest week of your year with like-minded, young people on a sleek sailing yacht? On your sailing holidays, are you looking not only to party but to discover and enjoy breathtaking nature and learn the ropes of sailing by being part of the crew? Then you're in just the right place with Join the Crew!

Since the summer of 2007 Join the Crew has been organising multifaceted sailing holidays for young people. Be it a Mediterranean sailing holiday, or a tour in the Caribbean or the Baltic Sea, you experience the wonder of wind and waves, up close and in person. What's more, you get to discover a new country and new people. Sailing holidays with Join the Crew are uncomplicated and down-to-earth, active in nature and is downright social! Come on-board and see for yourself! Below, you can learn more about some key aspects of our sailing cruises concept:

  • Flexible sailing routes: You're a flexible guy or gal? Our sailing routes are too! Crucial for deciding the route are the direction of the wind and weather, organisational aspects, as well as the mood and desire of the crew on board.
  • Experienced skippers: Before we cast off on our sailing holidays, our experienced and socially competent skippers will thoroughly explain the behavior and practices necessary on board for a fun and successful sail. You'll complete a comprehensive safety training program and will learn the most important fundamental terms of sailing.
  • Tried and tested sailing yachts: a limited holiday budget and a balanced cost-performance ratio don't have to cancel each other out. To provide you with the lowest possible prices for your sailing holidays, we're outfitted with tried and trusted sailboats instead of high-end yachts. All of our ships offer a high degree of security and comfort, and in addition, sail markedly well.

So what are you waiting for? Toss the daily grind overboard and join the ranks of young sailors on one our sailboats. Awaiting you are exceptionally fantastic sailing holidays with a friendly crew and boatload of fun!